• Nanolive-ibidi Heating System
  • Nanolive-ibidi Heating System

Nanolive-ibidi Heating System

A heating system for live cell imaging on the 3D Cell Explorer

  • Fully compatible with the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer
  • Excellent illumination of the sample - no condensation due to heated lid and optimal sample stabilization
  • Perfectly suited for live cell imaging applications - full incubator conditions on the microscope

in cooperation with

Nanolive-ibidi Temperature Controller


Heated Plate in
Multi-Well Format


Heated Glass Lid,
Universal Fit


Heating Insert for ibidi
Slide Formats

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
10918-N Nanolive-ibidi Heating System for 1 Chamber: Nanolive-ibidi Temperature Controller, Heated Plate in Multi-Well Format for 1 Chamber, 1 Heating Insert, Heated Lid 1
10933-N Heating Insert µ-Slide for Nanolive-ibidi Heating System: insert for all ibidi µ-Slides 1
10934-N Heating Insert µ-Dish 35 mm, high for Nanolive-ibidi Heating System: insert for µ-Dish 35 mm, high 1
10932-N Heating Insert µ-Dish 35 mm, low for Nanolive-ibidi Heating System: insert for µ-Dish 35 mm, low 1


Instruction Manual Nanolive-ibidi Temperature Controller (PDF)
Instruction Manual Heated Lid + Heated Plate in Multi-Well Format for 1 Chamber, Universal Fit (PDF) (coming soon)
Instruction Manual Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System for CO2 and O2 (PDF)

Product Flyer

3D CELL EXPLORER - A revolutionary Tomographic Microscope to instantly look inside Living Cells in 3D
Detailed Information (PDF)
Short Information (PDF)


  • Single cell morphology, kinetics, and dynamics (e.g., cell death, remodeling, migration, adhesion, or cellular tracking)
  • Cellular interactions and reactions (e.g., drugs, viruses, bacteria, or nanomaterials)
  • Stain-free histology and histopathology (e.g., tissues morphological analysis, 3D tissue characterization, or cancer diagnosis)
  • Stain-free cytopathology
  • Cell’s metrics


Temperature Controller
Environmental humidity Relative humidity
0% - 99%
+5°C - +40°C
(50% rel. humidity)
(H x W x D in mm)
90 x 170 x 230
Weight 3.4 kg
Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
115 V / 60 Hz


Heated Plate and Lid
Dimensions Plate / Lid
(in mm)
127.5 x 85.5 x 8 /
135 x 85.5 x 20.5
Height of the system 26.5mm
Weight of incubation chamber with insert 330 g
Gas inlet Luer connector (M5 thread) with Luer Lock
Restrictions for objective lenses
Custom openings On request

Heating Stages for Live Cell Imaging

The independently controlled, heated glass lid of the Nanolive-ibidi Heating & Incubation System solves the problem of condensation in live cell imaging.

By heating the lid to a temperature higher than the plate, a vertical temperature gradient is created. This gradient and an active humidity control prevent the formation of condensation on the lid of the Petri dish. The temperature at the cells’ site is maintained at a constant 37 °C.

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Components of the Nanolive-ibidi Heating System

Nanolive-ibidi Temperature Controller

  • Provides excellent temperature stability within the incubation chamber
  • Four control channels allow to connect a heated plate, a heated lid, and two additional heated components (e.g., an objective heater)

Technical Features:

  • Temperature stability: ± 0.05 °C
  • Temperature uniformity across the insert: ± 0.5 °C
  • Temperature range: Room temperature - 45 °C
  • Control channels: 4
  • TempControl software for remote control and data recording included
  • External temperature sensor included
  • Adjustable alarm function included
  • Analog output for extreme noise reduction optional

Heated Plate in a Multi-well Format for 1 Chamber

  • To be used with the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer
  • Adaptable to all types of microscopy chambers, such as µ-Slides and µ-Dishes plus non-ibidi formats

Heated Glass Lid, Universal Fit, for Use with CO2, O2, and Humidity

  • For use with CO2, O2, and humidity to provide a complete environmental chamber
  • Independently controlled glass lid, warmed to 40 °C, prevents the formation of condensed water on the lid of the microscopy chamber or plate
  • No scattering of light or shadow formation

Heating Inserts

Gas Mixer for the Incubation Unit

The heated lid also comes with a gas inlet. The Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System upgrades the Nanolive-ibidi Heating System to a complete stage top incubator for all live cell imaging applications on the 3D Cell Explorer.

The Nanolive-ibidi Gas Incubation System is suitable for various experimental conditions (e.g., pH or hypoxia). It is available in two versions: Gas Mixer for CO2, Gas Mixer for CO2 and O2.

Overview of the Nanolive-ibidi Heating and Incubation System

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