• Cell Culture Incubator
  • Cell Culture Incubator

Cell Culture Incubator

µ-Galaxy Incubator for µ-Slides

  • A small sized system with a capacity of only 14 liters
  • Robust in routine applications

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
10991 µ-Galaxy cell culture incubator, small capacity system (14l), specially suited for setups employing up to 2 Fluidic Units, or separated setups like ECIS measurements 1


Technical Features:

  • Input pressure of only 0.35 bar - saves gases
  • Full CO2 and heat control
  • Sealable outlet for cables and tubes
  • Relative humidity up to 95 %


Volume 14 l
Outer dimensions
width x depth x height
31 x 33 x 43 cm
Inner dimensions
width x depth x height
23 x 21 x 30 cm
Outlet Ø 25 mm
Pre pressure 0.35 bar

Cultivation of cells normally occurs at 37 °C and 5 % CO2 in cell culture incubators. However, during ECIS measurements, or when working with ibidi μ-Slides, it is necessary to manipulate cells frequently. As each opening affects the climate inside the incubator, and in order to prevent any contamination of the regular cell culture, we recommend running these experiments separately in a dedicated μ-Galaxy incubator.

The μ-Galaxy incubator is characterized by its small size and a capacity of only 14 liters. It is a compact system that occupies minimal lab space and requires only small amounts of CO2.
The rear of the μ-Galaxy incubator includes a sealable outlet for easy installation of exterior cables or tubes. The incubator contains two trays for racksμ-Slides or ECIS slide holders.


Example Setup for perfusion experiments using two Fluidic Units

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