• µ-Slide Click Rack
  • µ-Slide Click Rack

µ-Slide Click Rack

A rack for transport and incubation of fixed µ-Slides

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
80007 µ-Slide Click Rack: for four slides, plastic 1
80009 Olaf Humidifying Chamber, with µ-Slide Click Rack 1


Technical Features:

  • Parallel handling of up to four µ-Slides
  • Outer dimensions of the rack are equal to a 96-well plate
  • For use mainly with µ-Slide VI and tubing

The rack height is not for use directly with microscopes and it is also not compatible with the µ-Slide I Luer Family



Length / Width 127.5 / 85.5 mm
Height 14.5 mm
Stackable No
Compatible with ibidi µ-Slides
(except µ-Slide I Luer Family)
Microscopy glass slides
Material Plastic (polycarbonate)
Sterilization Alcohol

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