• ibiPure<sup>TM</sup> Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit
  • ibiPure<sup>TM</sup> Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit

ibiPureTM Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit

A kit for chromatography-based adenovirus purification from a cell pellet

  • Fast preparation in only 20 minutes
  • Just 4, easy-to-perform steps
  • Efficient purification with significantly high yields (109 – 1010 of infectious units (IU) from a single 15 cm dish)

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Cat. No. Description Pcs./Box
60681 ibiPure Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit, 12 preps 1
60682 ibiPure Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit, 24 preps 1


  • Adenovirus purification, after amplification in HEK293 cells


Please note that you will be working with samples containing an infectious virus. Follow the recommended NIH guidelines for all materials containing BSL–2 organisms.

Technical Features:

  • Spin-column-based adenovirus purification, directly from cell pellet
  • Anion exchange membrane with extraordinarily high binding capacity for adenoviruses



Kit Components Equilibration Buffer 1 and 2, Loading Buffer, Wash Buffer, Elution Buffer, Glycerol, Spin Columns, Collection Tubes
Expected Viral Titer 109 - 5x1010 IU/ml*
Final Volume of Purified Adenovirus 500 µl
Viral Serotype The kit is designed for the purification of adenovirus serotype 5. The user must test all other serotypes.
Storage Room temperature

* Titer was determined using the immunocytochemical detection of adenovirus hexon protein in infected cells.

Recombinant adenoviruses are tools that are widely used in research, and also in therapeutic applications. Due to their broad host tropism, they are ideal vectors for transferring genes into the majority of mammalian cells. Adenoviral vectors are the perfect tools for the high-level expression of recombinant proteins (e.g., rAV-LifeAct Adenoviral Vectors), and they also mediate very efficient gene knockdowns. Adenoviral vectors are episomal vectors that do not integrate into the host genome.

The production and amplification of adenoviral vectors occurs in producer cell lines, such as HEK 293. From these cells, adenoviruses are released by a freeze/thaw treatment, or by using other cell lysis methods. Therefore, non-purified adenovirus preparations will contain cellular and medium-derived proteins and other components that can negatively affect transduced cells in vivo and in vitro. They can also reduce stability during long-term storage.


Significantly Higher Virus Yields, Compared to the Industry Standard

Consequently, working with purified adenovirus preparations is highly recommended. For this reason, the ibiPure™ Adeno Adenovirus Purification Kit was developed. It is a robust and reliable, spin-column-based system for quick and convenient adenoviral purifications, with high recovery rates.

The purification protocol is almost as simple as that of most plasmid purification systems. Just equilibrate your column, load your sample, wash, and then elute your purified virus.

Bind – Wash – Elute:

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