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Application Notes: Use of µ-Slides

Growing Cells in µ-Channels (AN 03)
Growing cells inside a µ-Slide I, and a comparison between channels and open wells

Cell Culture Coating (AN 08)
Making your own coating on µ-slides

Gradients Inside µ-Slide I (AN 01)
Establishing a concentration profile

Trypsination in µ-Channels (AN 06)
Removing adherently grown cells from a µ-channel after cultivation

Serial Connection of Flow Chambers (AN 25)
Setup protocol for connecting several Luer-Slides to one Fluidic Unit

Serial Connection of µ-Slide VI 0.4 (AN 31)
Protocol for connecting the six channels of  µ-Slide VI 0.4 to one Fluidic Unit

Lipid Monolayer (AN 04)
Description of an uncomplicated and fast preparation of lipid monolayer on uncoated slides

Pixel Size (AN 22)
Measuring and calculating the pixel size of microscopic images

Avoiding Evaporation (AN 12)
Decreasing evaporation during cell cultivation by using the ibidi humidifying chamber Olaf and µ-Slides