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Application Notes: Cell-Based Assays

Chemotaxis (AN 14)
Application Note for 2D chemotactical assays using µ-Slide Chemotaxis 2D

Chemotaxis 3D (AN 17)
General protocol for 3D gel assays with µ-Slide Chemotaxis 3D

3D Chemotaxis Protocol for Non-Adherent Cells in a Gel Matrix (AN 23)
Application Note providing a specific example protocol for chemotaxis of dendritic cells in a collagen gel

Wound Healing Assay – Data Analysis (AN 30)
Setup optimization of wound healing experiments, with instructions for data analysis and interpretation using WimScratch


Tube Formation (AN 19)
Setting up a tube formation assay with µ-Slide Angiogenesis

Tube Formation in µ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 well (AN 05)
Handling protocol for tube formation assays using a multi-channel pipette and the µ-Plate Angiogenesis 96 well

Tube Formation - Data Analysis (AN27)
Setup optimization of tube formation experiments, data analysis and interpretation

HUVECs Under Perfusion (AN 13)
Setting up a flow experiment using μ-Slide I and HUVECs

Shear Stress and Shear Rates (AN 11)
Detailed information on shear stress/shear rates and flow rates in our channel slides

Shear Stress and Shear Rates in µ-Slide µ-Shaped (AN 18)
Detailed information on shear stress/shear rates and flow rates in our µ-Slide y-shaped

Co-Cultivation (AN 10)
Application note for co-cultivation of two different cell types in µ-Slide 2x9 well