New Products

ibidi Labware

3 Well | 8 Well Chamber, removable

New formats of removable silicone cultivation chambers for classical immunofluorescence staining experiments and long-term sample storage

µ-Slide CorrSightTM Live

A µ-Slide for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), and perfusion-based assays

µ-Slide 8 Well Grid-500

An open µ-Slide with 8 wells and an imprinted 500 µm relocation grid for use in immunofluorescence and high-end microscopy. Ideal for relocating and counting cells or cell clusters.

µ-Slide Membrane ibiPore Flow

A µ-Slide with a porous glass membrane for transmigration and transport studies under both static and flow conditions

Instruments & Accessories

ibidi Heating System, Multi-Well Plates, for K-Frame Stages

A Heating System for K-Frame Stages (160 mm x 110 mm) which holds multi-well plates. Permits the user to control the temperature of samples held in multi-well plates.

ibidi Heating System: Heated Plate in Multi-Well Format for 4 µ-Slides

Ideal for use in parallel, cell-based assays (e.g., chemotaxis assays) on motorized stages

Cells & Reagents


Membrane fusion used as a novel and highly superior method of transiently incorporating various molecules and particles into eukaryotic cells