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ibidi’s Application Note Wound Healing Assay - Data Analysis (AN 30) shows you how to optimize the setup of wound healing assays, and how to analyze and interprete the data.

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Handling of Culture-Inserts

When placed on a cell culture surface, the Culture-Insert 2 Well provides two cell culture reservoirs which are separated by a 500 μm thick wall. The cells are cultured in both reservoirs and then the silicone insert is removed from the surface. This results in two precisely defined cell patches, which are separated by a zone that is exactly the same width as the separation wall.

Due to the specially designed bottom, the Culture-Insert sticks itself to the surface. This adhesive design completely prevents any cell growth under the walls. After removal from the surface, the newly created cell-free gap (wound) will be clean and unchanged, and no material will remain. With this method, you can create highly defined regions without any cells.

The Culture-Insert 3 Well creates two cell-free gaps of 500 µm each. It is suitable for 3 experiments in parallel.

The Culture-Insert 4 Well is suitable for 4 experiments. Additionally to 4 cell-free gaps, it includes a center gap that allows to observe the migration of all cell type.