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Screening in ibidi’s Multi-well Plates

Multi-well plates have been used in high throughput screening for many years. Standard multi-well plates have a 1 mm thick bottom, are made of polystyrene, and are not suited for either high resolution or fluores­cence microscopy.

The ibidi technology used with µ-Plates 24 Well and µ-Plates 96 Well provides all the important features required for enhanced microscopy: a coverslip like bottom of standard No.1.5 thickness with extremely low autofluorescence, and the unique ibiTreat tissue culture treatment that makes the µ-Plates biocompatible, as proven in ibidi’s µ-Slides and µ-Dishes.  Another outstanding feature of ibidi’s µ-Plates is their excellent stability with all common solvents used in cell-based assays.

µ-Plate 24 Well
µ-Plate 96 Well
µ-Plate 384 Well