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Find answers to frequently asked questions on live cell imaging.

Experimental Examples

Calculating the Time Lapse Interval (Δt) for Cell Tracking

HT-1080 cells in a 3D collagen gel matrix migrating at ca. 30 µm/h (0.5 µm/min) with a cell size of ca. 25 µm.

For calculation, it is recommended to use the velocity values from literature or preliminary experiments.

General formula:

Example HT-1080 cells:

In the following examples, the cells are imaged with different time lapse intervals (Δt).

Cell tracking is impossible
with more than one cell.

Cell tracking is possible
with medium overlap.

Cell tracking is possible with maximum overlap.
Huge amount of data, but no additional information.

Low Resolution Phase Contrast Imaging of a Tube Formation Assay with Endothelial Cells

  • Endothelial cells
  • Tube formation assay on Matrigel™
  • Time between frames: 10 minutes
  • Total duration: 24 h
  • Objective lens: 4x

High Resolution Imaging of Molecular Processes in Chemotactical Polarized Cells Using LifeAct-TagGFP2

  • Mouse primary dendritic cell
  • Chemotaxis towards CCl 19
  • Migration in Collagen I gel matrix
  • Time between frames: 10 seconds
  • Total duration: 4 min
  • Objective lens: 100x