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Toxicological Screening

Cells challenged with decreasing concentrations of a virus

Impedance Measurements

Studies measuring well-defined dose- and time-related toxic effects of chemicals often employ small numbers of cells during testing, and ECIS has been successfully used in such studies. ECIS effectively describes the relationship between dose and its effects on the exposed organism, e.g., comparisons of LD50 (Lethal Dose, 50 %) values, toxicological effects from heavy metals, and the effects of viral infections on cell populations.

The following electrode arrays are ideally suited for toxicological screenings:

8 well format:

  • 8W10E
  • 8W10E+

96 well format:

  • 96W10E+

Optical Measurements

Optical measurements of toxicology are possible with all ibidi μ-Slides and μ-Dishes.