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For more than 500 scientific publications using the ECIS technology please visit www.biophysics.com.

Cell Attachment

MDCK II cells inoculated on electrodes pre-coated with various proteins, i.e.: FN Fibronectin, LAM Laminin, VN Vitronectin, BSA Bovine serum albumin

Impedance Measurements

The interaction between surfaces and cells is a main component of cell behavior in vivo and in vitro and therefore an area of major interest in cell biology studies. ECIS allows researchers to study and quantify the interaction of cultured cells with extracellular matrix proteins, and other macromolecules by taking continuous, real-time impedance measurements.

Used electrode arrays for cell attachment & spreading:

8 well format:

  • 8W10E
  • 8W10E+

96 well format:

  • 96W10E+

Cell attachment after a predefined period of time (e.g., 4 hours) using different coatings and surface treatments.

Optical Measurements

Optical measurements of cell attachment rates are taken using ibidi’s μ-Slide VI 0.4 and μ-Slide Angiogenesis.