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Immunofluorescence Using the µ-Slide VI (MV18).


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Can Immunofluorescence be Fun?

Immunofluorescence techniques are widely used in cell biology and tissue samples. ibidi provides solutions to facilitate these assays without compromising high resolution imaging results. Main advantages are:

  1. Fast and simple preparation
    All-in-one chambers simplify your immunofluorescence protocol
  2. Homogeneous cell distribution
    Cell densities are independent of handling during cell seeding
  3. Cost-effective experiments
    Only a small number of cells and low volumes of reagents are needed
  4. High resolution imaging
    Can be used for wide-field fluorescence, confocal imaging, FRAP – FRET – FLIM, and undisturbed phase contrast imaging

Every fluorescence protocol consists of four major steps: cultivation, fixation, staining, and sub­sequent imaging of the cells. Unlike most plastic materials used for cell culture, the ibidi μ-Slides and µ-Dishes are compatible with alcohols, acetone, acids, and para-formaldehyde. Therefore all steps can be performed directly in the slides or dishes.

µ-Slide VI 0.4: The All-in-One Chamber
for Fast Immunofluorescence Protocols