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All-in-One Channel Formats for IF

The ibidi channel μ-Slides are ideal for exact exchanges of small amounts of reagents, like media, buffer, washing, or staining solutions. As the channel geometries are small, the amount of staining solution required is reduced to as little as 25 l (such as with the μ-Slide VI0.4). In addition, the slides’ built-in channel structure dispenses with the need for additional coverslips.

ibidi’s µ-Slides VI 0.4 are perfectly suited for general immunofluorescence assays, whereas the µ-Slide I 0.4 Luer is best suited for immunofluorescence assays in low density cultures and for flow experiments.

Please refer to the overview table for technical details on these slides.

In addition, ibidi μ-Slides are compatible with all common staining and fixation techniques. Finally, the ibidi Mounting Medium prevents photobleaching and can be used to store samples for up to several weeks.

Advantages of All-in-One Channel Formats

  • Fast protocol using an all-in-one chamber
  • Easy and rapid handling 
  • Low amounts of cells and reagents required
  • Exact liquid exchange 
  • No cell transfer 
  • No coverslip handling
  • Sterile and ready to use

Limitations of All-in-One Channel Formats

  • Storage time is restricted to several weeks due to gas exchange through the plastic material from which the slides are made