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Data Analysis

Animated chart plot

Cell video with tracks

Chemotaxis Image Analysis is a crucial aspect in many oncology-related research areas. Manual acquisition and evaluation of 2D cell migration is time consuming and lacks in objectivity.

Wimasis, the certified partner of ibidi for quantitative image analysis, developed an analysis solution to quantitatively evaluate 2D chemotaxis and migration. The WimTaxis Image Analysis solution generates fast results, without the need for extra hardware or software.

First, perform your chemotaxis experiments, with either the μ-Slide Chemotaxis 2D or μ-Slide Chemotaxis. Then, simply upload your data and receive a summary of results, via E-mail, and download the detailed results.

Analysis Data Contain:

  • Cell tracking positions with animated chart plot
  • Forward migration index (parallel and perpendicular)
  • Cell video with tracks
  • Track and center of mass statistics