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Find detailed information on how to prepare a Collagen I gel for 3D Cell Culture in Application Note 26.

3D Cell Microscopy

Numerous ibidi products are made for 3D applications. Examples of 3D matrices are collagen type I gels, fibrin gels, MatriGel TM*, or synthetic hydrogels. In 3D assays, cells are brought inside, or on top of, an in vivo-like gel matrix. As with all ibidi μ-Slides, cells are, in most cases, being analyzed using fluorescence microscopy.

Cells in a 3D matrix with a chemical gradient for chemotaxis. Typical for lymphocytes, neutrophils, and T-cells.

Use the μ-Slide Chemotaxis

Cell spheroid (or micro tumor) on top of, or embedded in, a 3D matrix for long-term cultivation. The upper well provides nutrients by means of diffusion.

Use the μ-Slide Angiogenesis

Cells in 3D matrix with applied interstitial flow in a channel

Use the μ-Slide VI 0.4

 *MatriGel is a registered trademark of Becton Dickinson.