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Technical Aspects
of Microscopy

Which optical properties are important for high resolution microscopy? Find out how phase contrast in channel slides is superior to open formats... >> More


Live Cell Imaging

Cell culture environments directly on the microscope? Learn more about important parameters that provide in vivo-like conditions on your microscopy stage...
>> More

Fluorescent Markers
for Actin Visualization

How do you visualize actin in mammalian cells? LifeAct helps you investigate cytoskeletal organization and dynamics...
>> More


fluorescence (IF)

How can you make immunofluorescence easier? ibidi’s all-in-one chambers help you to eliminate the tweezers from your IF experiments... >> More

Cell Culture under
Shear Stress

Do you want to learn how to set up a successful flow experiment? Find your specific solution for different types of shear stress... >> More


Wound Healing
and Migration

Tired of scratch assays? Do your migration experiments in four steps from cell seeding to image analysis. First, start with ibidi’s Culture-Inserts... >> More


Investigating angiogenesis in vitro? Tube formation assays in gel matrices are easy and provide a brilliant image, with the µ-Slide Angiogenesis... >> More  



Having reproducibility problems in Boyden chambers? Learn how to perform 2D and 3D chemotaxis assays using ibidi’s µ-Slides Chemotaxis... >> More

Microscopy Assays

Are you interested in 3D cell microscopy or co-cultivation of cells? Find out about application examples that use various ibidi µ-Slides and µ-Dishes... >> More


Transduction, and
Membrane Fusion

You want to transfer genetic material or proteins into cells? Find out about the perfect method for your research... >> More


You want to do tube formation assays in a 96 well format? Learn more about ibidi’s high throughput solutions... >> More


Cell Assays

Thinking about using impedance measurements in wound healing or flow assays? Learn about this interesting application for your research... >> More

Application Notes

>> More